Goals of 2018…12 months later

Lose Weight

Since my last goal update, I have maintained my weight. That means that this year, I have lost 26lbs. I definitely lost weight. I can’t wait to see what next year brings for my my health but this year was definitely a huge step in the right direction.

6 Books Read

I did not do this. I am reading about 5 or 6 books currently and am slowly making progress through all of them, they will probably be finished next year.

10 Projects Completed

Other than the 5 I already completed (blanket, mitten, pug, chibi drawings, unicorn earrings, clay cats), I can think of a few other things I completed since then: unicorn cake, portrait of Jeff Hardy, Bojack Horseman clay figure, scrapbook for clothing designs, and some digital outfits that I made on IMVU. There may be more but that’s 10. Really the point of the goal was to get me doing creative things again. All the things I listed are either on my instagram or will be posted eventually.

Make Progress On Story

I decided against this goal so I could put all my writing efforts into this blog. I haven’t given up on the idea of making a story but I want the story to be right for me and I want my writing to improve first. It will happen eventually but my focus is somewhere more important.

Start Selling on etsy

I was selling on etsy but lack of sales forced me to stop. For next year, I will be focusing more on improving the quality of my products and put more effort into advertising and sharing my shop.

100 Followers on this blog

I only got to 28 but that is pretty good considering how inconsistent I am on here. Next year, I will be posting more and my content quality will improve and become more consistent.

Start Education Blog

As I said in the last post: “I did it, then I decided that I really didn’t need two blogs. I merged them, now we are one. I like it better like this. It will be a good mix of personal things and the stuff I’m passionate about.”

In conclusion, this has been a struggly year. I can’t promise everything will be perfect next year but I can promise that I have learnt and I have improved. Things can only get better.

Farewell, until we meet again. Happy New Year!

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