Goals for 2018

New year, fresh start. The slate is clean. That means it’s time for some new goals. I may add some more at a later date but as of today these are my goals for the year:

Lose Weight

It’s my goal every year. It is a very difficult task. I will not let myself fail this time. As the year progresses, I will post about my progress and any tips and tricks I pick up along the way.

6 Books Read

Every year I promise myself that I will read one book every month but I never actually complete that. I seem to never find time to read. So this year, I’ve made the goal a little easier – one book every 2 months. That way, there is plenty of time to squeeze a few chapters here and there.

10 Projects Completed

Last year, I had a sudden burst of creativity and I realised just how much I missed making things. That was actually the reason I created this blog. To track any projects I do and to motivate myself to be more productive. I didn’t want the type of project to be specific so I don’t feel limited on what to do. But whether it is drawing, painting, knitting, sewing, crafts, whatever, I want to create more.

Make Progress On Story

Last month, I started writing a short story, which turned into a long story, then I took a break for an indefinite amount of time. This year, I may not finish it, but I at least want to get a first rough draft written.

Start Selling On Etsy

I have wanted to sell on etsy for years now but I never knew what I was doing. I hope to get my shop up by the end of the month. Everything is nearly ready

100 Followers On This Blog

Of course I want this blog to grow. I want to spread my message of staying productive and positive to as many people as possible. My aim for this year is 100 followers. As things are going to get more interesting with me this year, I will have plenty to talk about.

Start Education Blog

This one is at my fingertips. I have wanted to do this for so so long. I was originally going to do videos instead (and I still may do) but I decided a blog would be easier for me to get my message across, at least for now. I want to teach people anything and everything because I know how badly the public school system failed me. I want to try to give some knowledge so people can learn what they didn’t learn in school. Leave a comment if you have anything specific that you would like to learn about.

That is all the goals so far.

I will go into more detail about how I’m going to achieve each goal in the next few posts to come. I will also update this post if I complete anything or add something new. Here’s to a new year and I look forward to spending it with all of you who decide to read my blogs. It is much appreciated.

QOTD: What are your goals for this year?


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