Trying out Poster Paint

I love painting and I wanted to paint my mandala art in bright colours so I thought I would try out poster paint to see how well it works.



This box of 20 from Baker Ross was £19.99. So that’s £1 each for a 600ml bottle.

Price is not the only thing of importance, however. The quality of the paint is the main issue.


The paint is quite bold and bright but the colour comes out very streaky. It doesn’t dry as a flat, solid colour.

I would say, though, it is very good for children to use – which is who it is aimed in the first place. It dries very quickly, it washes off of hands and most materials easily, and they last a rather long time. However, I suggest that if you want a paint for your art, you are better off using acrylic paint.

QOTD: What is your favourite type of paint to use and why?

AOTD: Watercolour, mostly because of the way the colours blend together so well. Also because it tidies away so easily and doesn’t take up loads of space like my other paints do. 


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